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Meet the Founder

Stacey Saed, Relocation Specialist

Stacey Saed is a native Memphian, a mother, a friend, a woman in recovery, a sister, a daughter, an entrepreneur, a podcaster and the list goes on.  Stacey is a St. Agnes Academy & University of Memphis graduate.


She is at her core a woman with a passion for creating inviting living and working spaces.  


She understands that where we spend our time has everything to do with our health and well-being.  Stacey feels it is a privilege to assist individuals as they downsize, pack, unpack, organize and decorate when they move or as they breathe new life into their existing spaces.


Companioning others as they are reborn after relocation into a new season of life is the Annestasis mission.  Stacey is fortunate to have a team of like-minded people dedicated to uplifting and compassionately help individuals get settled into their new spaces.   The Annestasis team makes homes and offices places to breathe and expand.  It is so much more than creating “pretty”.  It is a wholistic approach that includes purging what doesn’t serve us well.

Meet the Team

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