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After a complimentary assessment, we craft a package for you based on the size of your project and time needed. A rough estimate is $225 per hour or a little over $1,125.00 per day for our services. Materials are extra. 

We have a network of amazing moving companies for you to choose from, and we will happily introduce you when you're ready to get started. This will allow you the freedom to select from their prices and services. We can transport small items but we leave the heavy lifting to the movers.

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What Our Clients Say

On Tuesday, I handed the keys to Mom's old apartment over to Stacey with Annestasis and her team. Mom and I left with a small suitcase for her to stay with us the last few days. Stacey and her efficient and creative team, packed up her entire 2-bedroom apartment, patched holes in the wall, cleaned it up, donated what wouldn't fit, and moved every thing to OPUS -Mom's new apartment community. 
Annestasis then set it all up so allowing us to simply show up today for the reveal. Her new apartment made her immediately happy and comfortable. Every picture frame rehung and rearranged. All knick-knacks curated and staged, fresh linens, food in refrigerator, clean supplies stocked, and mostly just a beautiful place for her to walk right into and now call home.
I did absolutely nothing except stay out of the process. This is the 4th home Mom has had in 4 years and this moving experience was simply flawless. Mom is happy, I am happy. Hire them. You will not be sorry! So very grateful for these pros,


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